2006 CIRRUS SR22-G2

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The top-of-the-line, totally refurbished Cirrus SR22 Aircraft in May 2020 boasts exceptional features and quality. This specific model, known as the "Steel Edition," is truly a masterpiece in aviation. The aircraft has been meticulously restored and improved to a standard surpassing its original factory condition. Key highlights of the Cirrus SR22 Steel Edition include: Total Restoration: In 2020, this aircraft underwent a comprehensive and meticulous restoration process. Every aspect of the plane was carefully inspected, repaired, and upgraded to ensure that it met and exceeded its original factory specifications. Better Than New: The term "better than new" indicates that the restoration process did not just aim to bring the aircraft back to its original condition but enhance its performance, comfort, and overall quality. This means that every plane component was restored and improved upon to offer an even higher standard of excellence. Balance of 5-Year Warranty: Having the balance of a 5-year warranty is a significant advantage for the prospective owner. This warranty offers peace of mind and financial security by covering potential maintenance and repair costs for the next five years, ensuring a worry-free ownership experience. Steel Edition: The "Steel Edition" designation suggests that this Cirrus SR22 is a premium, top-tier variant within the lineup. It may come with unique features, finishes, or options that set it apart from standard models. The name "Steel Edition" also conveys a sense of strength and durability. High-End Automobile Restoration: The comparison to high-end automobile restoration implies that the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail put into refurbishing this aircraft is on par with the restoration of luxury and classic cars. This analogy underscores the quality and precision involved in the restoration process. N435SR Cirrus SR22 Steel Edition from May 2020 represents a top-of-the-line, meticulously refurbished aircraft that goes beyond the expectations of a typical restoration. It offers the best of both worlds, combining the reliability and warranty of a new aircraft with the character and attention to detail associated with high-end restorations. This aircraft is a symbol of excellence in aviation, providing an unparalleled flying experience for its owner. Call us to learn more about this incredible aircraft. FREE TRAINING INCLUDED WITH YOUR CIRRUS AIRCRAFT - CIRRUS EMBARK -
Общее время, ч
Заполненный журнал
255 SMOH
Время капитального ремонта
255 SMOH At refurbishment TCM Remanufactured Engine with TCM Nickel Cylinders under full warranty
Производитель / Модель
255 SPOH
Avidyne ADS-B APX322 Remote Transponder/MLB 100 ADS-B Datalink Avidyne AMX240 BT Audio Panel Avidyne DFC90 Digital Autopilot Avidyne Entegra Primary Color Flight Display (PFD) Avidyne FlightMax EX5000C Multi-Function Color Display (MFD) Avidyne IFD440 Touch screen Avidyne IFD550 Touch Screen CMAX Chart View Electronic Approach Plates E TAWS Enhanced Terrain avoidance system audible system and displays on MFD EMAX Engine and Fuel Monitoring Flight Director Garmin 4 Place Intercom Skywatch Active Traffic System WX 500 Stormscope and XM Weather that Displays on MFD
Дополнительное оборудование
Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) Dual Alternators (BOTH NEW at Refurbishment) Dual Batteries (BOTH NEW at Refurbishment At Refurbishment New Brakes At Refurbishment New Rotors At Refurbishment New Tires At Refurbishment Upgraded MCU Unit TKS Inadvertent Deice System Tinted Windows Custom Steel Edition Paint by Sherwin Williams Paint Design High-End Leather Interior Tip to Tail Coverage Expires April 2025 At Refurbishment New Magnetos ADS-B Compliant Bluetooth Flight Plan Transfers (Foreflight Compatible) Bluetooth Audio Panel (Music Ready) Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) 2006 Airframe Expertly Refinished WAAS installation done right (no velcro!) Whelen Orion 600 LED Wingtip Lighting Custom Floor Mats Larger upgraded air vents for more airflow At Refurbishment New Tempest Power Flight Starter At Refurbishment New Engine rubber mounts All Avionics Covered under Spinner-to-Tail warranty plan At Refurbishment New Avidyne Center Stack and DFC 90 Digital Autopilot New/OH Muffler and Heat Exchangers All Mandatory Service Bulletins and many elective SBs complied with All Airworthiness Directives (ADs) in compliance At refurbishment new custom Steel Edition Instrument Panel Eligible for Cirrus Embark Training
Luxurious Black Leather: The seats, side panels, and trim are all completed with this premium material, providing a sense of opulence and comfort that's reminiscent of a high-end luxury sedan. The black leather creates a sleek and timeless backdrop for the cabin. Subtle Yet Striking Blue Stitching: Adding a tasteful touch of individuality and flair, the black leather is accentuated with subtle yet striking blue stitching. This blue stitching serves as a refined contrast against the deep black. The Cirrus SR22 Steel Edition's interior features black leather and blue stitching. The choice of materials is not only beautiful but also extraordinarily comfortable. This interior design enhances the overall flying experience, ensuring that every trip in the Cirrus SR22 is fun and comfortable.
N435SR a 2020 Steel Edition Cirrus SR22's exterior, with its custom hot rod-inspired paint scheme featuring white, Athens blue, and black accents, is a work of art in the sky. It pays homage to the high performance and individuality of hot rods and sets new standards for the aesthetic appeal of aircraft exteriors. This limited edition design is a testament to the aircraft's uniqueness and exclusivity. It is painted with a custom-designed limited edition paint scheme in white, Athens blue, and black accents is a visual masterpiece that draws inspiration from the hot rod culture. Here's a description of its striking exterior: Base Color - White: The primary color of the aircraft is a brilliant and pristine white Athens Blue Accents: The Athens blue accents are strategically placed to provide a striking contrast against the white backdrop. This shade of blue is deep and vibrant, it is gorgeous! Custom Design: The aircraft features a custom-designed paint scheme, which means it's a one-of-a-kind creation. Limited Edition: Being a limited edition, it implies that only a select number of these aircraft were produced with this unique paint scheme. This rarity enhances its exclusivity and collector's appeal. Hot Rod Inspired: The hot rod inspiration is evident in the design. Hot rods are known for their bold, eye-catching paint jobs and customized exteriors. The aircraft's paint scheme incorporates elements, giving it an edgy and high-performance look. Black Accents: The use of black accents further enhances the hot rod theme. Black is often associated with speed and power, and its inclusion in the design adds a touch of aggressiveness and style. Striking and Dynamic: The combination of white, Athens blue, and black creates a dynamic and visually striking appearance that catches the eye and commands attention on the runway and in the sky. Precision and Detail: The paint job on this Cirrus SR22 is executed with precision and meticulous attention to detail. The lines are crisp, the transitions between colors are seamless, and the finish is immaculate, reflecting the top-tier craftsmanship and quality associated with the aircraft. It should be noted that the plane has no vinyl, only high-end glossy paint down to the finest detail. The plane has been hangared and it shows well since the renovation.
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ANNUAL DUE: 4/2024 IFR CERT. DUE: 4/2024
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