2006 CIRRUS SR22

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Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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The only Cirrus G2 with a transferable warranty. $142,000 in upgrades make this plane the next best thing to buying a new, million dollar Cirrus. Top of the line GTS with Platinum series engine (and propeller) with only 27 hours and full warranty. Brand new, latest Garmin avionics with warranty. Very low hours only 1390 since new. There is no comparable airplane today. We think you deserve to know the full details of a plane before buying. So we make very detailed videos of the plane with everything you need to know. Please watch; you will appreciate the information regardless if you buy. Previous owner, professional pilot, bought new with upgrades like factory AC and platinum engine. Both are optional even for top of the line GTS package. We bought it and upgraded for our operational requirements at a much higher level. Plans changed so you have an opportunity to own it. You hardly see these fully upgraded planes in the market not just because of cost but time it takes to complete. It took over a year for us and we had to pay a year in advance for avionics. It was all worth it, I love flying this plane. Video will have all details but briefly: Engine and prop just installed. Only 27 hours on Western Skyways gold seal overhaul. Warranty transfers to new owner. I've seen a number of SR22 engines have hidden corrosion or were abused. Hard to find those issues in an inspection. Buying a plane with a new engine or fresh overhaul like this avoids those issues. Our company's discounted cost was $62,000. This is an optional factory upgraded platinum series engine. Expensive and better features than standard IO-550-N. Fantastic new Garmin avionics package makes this plane safer and easier to fly. We had to pay $42,000 one year in advance for them. Today it will cost $55,000. Latest Garmin 750xi is the best option for primary navigator. We even installed a voice command feature. Just say and the 750 will do it. The 750xi is a more expensive but far better option then dual 650 upgrade. Garmin 3D bluetooth audio panel for quality communication, music or calls. Garmin 345R ADS-B in and out transponder will give you free in-flight weather, traffic and all other info to your screen or iPad. Secondary Garmin 430 for backup. Avidyne DFC90 is a very popular upgrade. Great features. You can fly from just after take off almost to landing entirely on autopilot. Fly coupled approaches with vertical profile. Press “straight and level” the autopilot will bring the plane to straight and level flight which is a very nice safety feature. Cirrus has life limit parts. We just installed most of them brand new. Nothing needs to be replaced for years. Just finished an extensive annual. IFR current. The plane has TKS de ice that works. Very useful. In the video you will see our IMC flight to 10,000ft how the TKS works. You need to use and keep the wing panels clean. Some owners don't. So on some planes the deice doesn’t work. The inside of the plane can get hot when on the ground in summer. Factory AC is optional even for the GTS package. Cost is $29,000. With the electric fan you can run it on the ground. Heater works great even in negative temperatures high up. Nice clean exterior. Good paint. Noticed a small paint blemish and few chips in the wheel pants. You see them in any used plane but I like to mention anything I notice. 84 gallons of fuel, you can fly over 1000 nautical miles. We fly 5-6 hours non stop sometimes at 15,000 ft. Comfortable and spacious interior. All in very nice condition. All logs since new. Previously hangared and we keep in a heated hangar. No reported accidents. A bit about SR22. It's the best selling plane in the 21st century for a reason. Safer than most singles. At night, rough terrain, IMC if you lose the engine in other planes you are in danger. With the airframe parachute you have added safety. We fly in those conditions often and feel safe doing so. Easy to fly plane. Performance is very similar to a brand new 2022 SR22. Fly 180 knots. Higher/ tailwind get closer to 200 knots. Most light twins can't fly that fast. Ceiling is 17,500ft that's high for a fixed gear plane. In economy setting you only burn 11-12 gallons per hour. 1400ft to take off and 1200 ft to land. So you can operate on short runways. Full detailed video including flight and lots of information about SR22 in general. Please watch, it’s worth your time. We are professional pilots. Love aviation. Family owned, friendly, helpful company. Our YouTube airplane review channel is highly respected in the aviation community and has over a million views. Happy to help any way we can. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest 5 things we do: 1. Arrange a prebuy with a local mechanic or accommodate yours 2. Transport anywhere in USA for low cost 3. Arrange to look at it on weekends also - if you schedule ahead 4. Provide free 5-hour training with CFI if you need 5. Help you find financing & insurance
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1,000 lb
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1,390 SNEW
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Continental IO-550-N Platinum series
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27 TSO
Avidyne DFC90 Autopilot Avidyne Entegra 5000 PFD MFD combo Four place intercom Garmin GMA 35c digital audio panel Garmin GNS430 Garmin GTN 750xi GPS/NAV/COMM Garmin GTX 345R Transponder ADS-B In & Out Headphone jacks with ANR port Master Switch Avionics
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AC - factory air conditioning Cabin heat CAPS parachute system Digital engine monitoring system Dual Push-to-Talk Switches Electric fan - cabin air Electric flaps Electric trim Four point seat belt system Pitot Heat Seat belt airbags Sun Visors TKS de ice system
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Fergus Falls, Minnesota

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