2008 CIRRUS SR22-G3

Phillipsburg, Ohio
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HERE IT IS A G3 NORMALLY ASPIRATED GARMIN STEEL EDITION we take an excellent airframe and refurbish it. Think high-end automobile restoration, not just slapping some new cosmetics on it. This plane has 5 years of unscheduled protection including Spinner to Tail! If you cannot or do not want to afford a gorgeous new Cirrus aircraft, this is your next best option. You have an extreme amount of value built into this aircraft; compare, then call us. A limited number of these aircraft will be in production each year. These are handcrafted highly detailed renovations this is not a production finish aircraft we believe when spending this amount of money only the finest will suffice. Limited Editions these planes are exceptional in every way! Special financing rates for qualified buyers. Call us to learn more.
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Factory Reman Engine Completed by TCM Continential
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Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) Dual Alternators (NEW) Dual Batteries (NEW) New Brakes New Rotors New Upgraded MCU Unit New Tires AmSafe Airbag Safety Restraints TKS Inadvertent Deicing Protection Air Conditioning Tinted Windows Custom Paint Schemes High End Leather Interiors CEIS Digital Fuel Gauges (Get Accurate Fuel Readings!) Embossed Steel Edition Badging New Mags ADSB Compliant 2020 Mandate Has been Completed Listen to Music in Cockpit 2008 G3 Airframe Expertly Refinished. Even though it looks like one, it is not a G5 or G6 Whelen Orion LED Lights Nav/Strobe/Position Lights Custom Floor Mats Larger Upgraded Air Vents for better airflow New Tempest Power Flight Starter (allows the plane to be cold started much easier) New Engine Rubber Mounts (Less Vibration) GFC700 Digital Autopilot with Straight and Level Button All Avionics Overhauled by Garmin and brought to the latest and greatest software revision New/OH Muffler and Heat Exchangers New Fuel Hoses All Mandatory SBs are in compliance many non mandatory ones have also been completed All AD's are in compliance Total Aircraft Paint Protection Package Custom Steel Edition Instrument Panel Factory Reman Engine Completed by TCM Continential Steel 5 Year Unscheduled Protection SPINNER TO TAIL 5 Years of MX Protection Coverage Available. This program is incredible fix your flying cost! No surprises. It even includes oil change and annuals! Pricing Varies call us to learn more. GTSX Package USB AND USBC Ports I Pad Mount Steel Edition Package 2 Bose A20 Headsets Custom Aircraft Cover All Subscriptions Included for One Year Garmin GI 275 Digital Replacement Precise Flight Steel Edition TwistLock Cup Holders 6 Point Engine Mount
Phillipsburg, Ohio

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